Comic Book Art Boards


Blue Line Art’s PRO Series┬áhas offered thousands of artists the opportunity to begin their careers on pre-printed boards like professional publisher’s use.


The Pro Series is great for use with pencil and ink (brush recommended) as well as markers and acrylics. Pro Comic Book Boards surface offers a smooth surface for pencils and inking with a brush literally glides across the surface. Available in Traditional borders and Full Trim borders.


The Premiere (Strathmore) Series is a Bristol art board pre-printed with a non-photo blue border that is the trademark of all Blue Line Pro boards. This allows the artist to draw comics the actual size that professionals artist has drawn for years. Professionals draw their illustrations larger then they appear in the finished product. This helps minimize mistakes. The main advantage of Strathmore is it’s 100% acid free feature. This prevents the signs of aging such as yellowing. The Strathmore series is available in three different series: 300 400 and 500. Each come in 2-ply and 3-ply thickness available in two different textures (smooth and regular).


The Artistic Borders offer artist an additional choice to help them create their comics. Ruled gives the artist a ruler along all four edges that helps them with measurements and layouts. The Illustration Borders gives the artist a minimum borders that allows the artist to illustrate past the edges or allows an artist to scan their pencils and not have to worry about the borders showing up. This border is used by artist who also does washes and highlight detailed drawing.