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For the past 15 years and with over 40 issues published, Sketch Magazine has been a leading resource, both in print and online, in the subject of creating comics. From the writing of the story to the publishing of a comic and its promotion, Sketch has continued to provide comic book hopefuls and comic book professionals alike a forum to give and receive How To articles and tutorials, And Sketch will strike to continue to be that leader with more great information!

Blue Line Art founder and publisher Robert W. Hickey had seen a need for an art magazine centered on the comic book industry. Having created a comic industry standard in comic book art paper and supplying art supplies to comic artist new and seasoned at that time for over ten years, Robert wanted to continue to help the comic artists in develop their craft and skills.

Once Sketch was established as the leading How-To magazine for the comic book industry. Robert created an online community for creators to communicate and share their current work. With the help of current senior editor Bill Nichols, Sketch Magazine Forums quickly became a place for criticisms, praise and the positive place online to be and grow as a comic artist. The Sketch Magazine Forum is currently hosted by

Sketch’s relationship with doesn’t stop with its great forums. ComicRelated with Sketch Magazine’s editor John Wilson posts a daily artist tip found on the net. John scourges the net finding articles, videos and interviews and our friends at hosts this daily post. SketchMagazine@CR stop by and see what’s John’s posted today.

Sketch will continue to evolve in the coming years with digital releases and podcast along with extended content published exclusively